Iron Solid Protective Services


Founded in 2023 by Mr. H. Wilson

Iron Solid Protective Services is a private state certified, bonded and insured security company.  Who has great, efficient security protection whose guards are, certified, armed and unarmed.

  • Our Mission

    We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for our clients, their establishment, and every customer.

  • Our Value

    We work together as a team to achieve company goals that are structured, clear, meaningful, purposeful, and impactful for all our clients.

 Help when you need it!

We're committed to helping our clients thrive, with support and guidance for business need, or personal.

We provide safe and secure armed and unarmed security protection services wherever there is a need.

Iron Solid Protective Services have joined the force in our local community to understand, to drive engagement, to be of service and actively committed for the better of the community.

 If interested please submit a message to our company.

Service is provided in all areas listed and more

  • Executive Protection

  • Residential Properties

  • Restaurants

  • Event Spaces

  • Commercial Properties

  • Retail/Shopping Malls

  • Smoke Shops

  • Jewelry Stores

  • Gas Stations & Convenience Store 

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